The 8th Obis Omni Forum

Obis Omni was launched as our first community in 2005 and is focused on Business Intelligence and Performance Management.

Creating opportunities with Business Intelligence and Performance Management in a new era:
Exploiting big data, analytics, social, mobile, cloud and other key technology trends

The last few years have seen huge changes in Business Intelligence (BI) and Performance Management (PM) as the proliferation of data and advances in technologies push the pace of innovation.

BI and PM are on the cusp of a profound transformation thanks to a combination of big data, analytics, social, mobile, cloud and other technology trends. Exploding levels of data, social media interactions, other new data sources and technologies are presenting organisations with a range of challenges, but also creating unprecedented opportunities.

Forward-thinking organisations are taking advantage of this massive wave of change to drive greater business insights and economic value from their data than ever before. They are integrating more and varied data into their BI and PM processes, and building data science teams to analyse data in new ways to create and enhance products and services.

But alongside these opportunities, the key challenges often remain the same: budget cuts, improving data quality, cultural transformation, the cost to store data, handling unstructured data, poor response time to changing BI needs and information access for multiple users across the organisation. There’s a pressing need to support business activities with better insights, whilst keeping these things aligned with changing plans and circumstances.

Key topics to be addressed at the 8th Obis Omni Forum include:
• Effective BI and PM strategy
• Dealing with big data
• Social media and business analytics
• Mobile BI
• Cloud based BI and PM
• Improving Data Quality
• Self-service BI
• BI and PM technology trends

With a careful balance of strategic and practical, visionary and ‘hands-on’ sessions, you will be able to discover the latest tools and technologies, draw on the lessons learnt by early adopters and experts, and will leave with proven strategies to help you address the ongoing challenges and take advantage of the new possibilities for BI and PM in a new era.

The event is completely free to attend and is exclusive to end user business and IT practitioners.

To join your peers and experts, register your place today by registering via our website or call the Obis Omni team directly on 0207 960 6551.