Successfully Aligning Business and IT

Successfully Aligning Business and IT
22-23 November 2012
Jeroen Derynck

In this two-day workshop, you will discover everything about the essentials of alignment and how to put these into practice. Thanks to a blended format of teaching and workshops, you will get a better insight into the crucial enablers for Business/IT alignment. Throughout the sessions, delegates get the opportunity to share their personal experiences and concerns while learning from their peers. After two days, delegates will be able to build their own business/IT aligment roadmap based on the following fundamentals.
• Intelligent IT steering
• Portfolio Management
• IT budget control and reporting
• The evolving role of CIO
• IT leadership and communication
• Project Governance and management methodologies
• Enterprise Architecture
• Integrated business/IT planning
• Communication and IT marketing as a quick win to improve the relationship between business and IT