Oil and Gas Cyber Security


The rapid evolution of technology has had many positive effects for oil and gas industrial processes, improving delivery and speeding up efficiency. However, it has also opened the door to a whole new level of threat from those who wish the industry harm.

It is against this backdrop that cyber attacks are evolving in both frequency and effectiveness. Just this month, it has been discovered that gas pipelines in the USA have been subjected to an ongoing coordinated cyber attack by unknown hackers. Utilities and entities in the Middle East and beyond are potentially just as vulnerable to these exploits and, if they were crippled by a sustained, co-ordinated cyber attack then the consequences for the region could be devastating, resulting in disrupted production, potential environmental damage and loss of life.

From nation states through to terrorist groups, ‘hacktivists’, criminal gangs and more conventional hackers, there is no longer a set or defined enemy. These differing groups can target the increasingly widespread use of interconnected networks and control systems in oil, gas and other industries.

SMi Group’s second annual Oil and Gas Cyber Security conference will discuss the steps being taken to reduce the risk of cyber attacks, lessons learnt from previous incidents and best practice for the future.

Network with and hear presentations from:
• Lt. Col. (Ret.) William Hagestad II, Internationally Recognized Strategic Cyber & Information Conflict Persona, Red-Dragon Rising
• Danny Berko, Security Product Marketing, Waterfall Securities
• David Spinks, CSIRS Chairman, CSIRS
• Hassan Karim, Communications Engineer, Saudi Aramco
• David Alexander, Principal Consultant, Regency IT Consulting
• Tim Holman, CEO 2-sec – President, ISSA-UK
• Dr Boldizsar Bencsath, Assistant Professor CrySyS Lab, Budapest University of Technology and Economics
• Justin Lowe, Energy Cyber Security Specialist, PA Consulting
• Lieutenant Colonel Tom Fairfax, SO1 Information Assurance with the British Army’s Land Information Assurance Group and Managing Director, Security Risk Management Ltd.
• Adrian Davis, Principle Research Analyst, Information Security Forum

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