Informatca Big Data Tuesdays 5-Part Webinar Series: Extract Value From Unstructured Data With MapReduce

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This is the 2nd in the Informatica Big Data Tuesdays 5-Part Webinar Series.

The interest in evaluating or deploying Hadoop and other MapReduce-based technologies is higher than ever. One of the key driving factors has been the potential to allow an organization to extract greater value from the massive volume of unstructured or semi-structured data such as log, XML, binaries, documents, industry standards and other non-relational data. Ad-hoc, custom coding approach in managing these types of data is not only inefficient but also is costly and risky as deployment expands.

There is a better alternative – adopting an enterprise approach that combines the unique strengths of technology options. With a purpose-built, enterprise-grade data management infrastructure, your organization can quickly perform high-volume analytics, sentiment analysis and other advanced analytics to uncover new patterns and adjust to changing business conditions.

Join Big Data pioneers Tasso Argyros – AsterData/Teradata, Amr Awadallah – Cloudera and Ronen Schwartz – Informatica to learn:
• Why you need a new approach to manage unstructured, complex data
• How you can take advantage of the power of MapReduce
• Pitfalls to watch out for when you are architecting for optimum data flows across Big Data technologies
• Use cases and benefits you can expect for the combination of technologies