ICI-25 - Social Media Monitoring (Digital Intelligence)

This event requires registration: http://www.institute-for-competitive-intelligence.com/ici-workshops/ici-25-digital-intelligence

Analysis Methods for Digital Communication, Community Building, Trends

The analysis of digital communication makes a significant contribution towards the generation of market and competitor knowledge. The advantage of the Internet, the quick, seismographic recording of impulses and opinions, can be directly capitalized upon.

The Internet has since become a marketplace for opinions, a platform for testing and launching new trends and an influential component in the competitive arena. Digital communication is important. Because it is available, because it is growing and because it influences target groups such as consumers, patients, voters, decision makers, journalists and activists etc.

The drivers are primarily investigative multipliers, authors of blogs and opinion leaders in networks. Digital intelligence describes the search for early signals, patterns and trends in digital communication. By including and analyzing quantitative and qualitative insights, companies can seize opportunities and avoid risks.

Topics and target groups are identified from their profiles, problems, positions, statements and decision-making processes, and followed over time. Sustainable factors for success include the development of dialog with relevant multipliers as well as suitably designed internal processes and networks.