Global Mining IT & Communications Summit 2012

Global Mining IT & Communications Summit 2012 to be held on 21-21 November 2012 London, UK.

Fleming Group is the conference organizer of choice for most of the Fortune 500 companies across the globe. Serving over 100,000 Finance, Life Science, Mining, Telecoms, Defence, Energy, Oil & Gas and IT executives since 2003 proves that we are recognized for delivering quality and high level conferences for both speakers and attendees.

Due to globalization and constant changing market dynamics, mining companies are facing sparing challenges and pressures thereby leading to increase need of sustainable integrated information management systems. Mining companies are progressively becoming IT sophisticated and are strategically working towards advanced technology system and solution to manage day-to-day operational complexities and optimize corporate efficiency.

Even though mining companies are investing in Information technology and development, there are key concern areas that need to be addressed. This conference aims to address majority of these issues and facilitate this industry as a whole.—Communication-Summit-2012/308