Financial Cloud Computing Forum 2014

The Financial Cloud Computing Forum 2014 will be held in October 23-24, 2014 in Shanghai, China, which will gather approximately 300 experts from financial institutions, management, IT, data center and other department in financial institutes and cloud computing solutions suppliers and even software、hardware and internet infrastructure suppliers. They will focus on the hot issues like information security, financial big data, latest technology and information, case study, etc, to promote financial cloud computing’s sustainable healthy development.

The key topics including “Cloud Computing Creates New Financial Revolution”, “Catch Up Latest Technology, Build Credible Financial Cloud”, ‘Cloud Computing Shocks Financial Industry, Banking Prefers Private Cloud”, “Private Cloud Helps Fund Company Overcome Growing Bottleneck Problems”, “Opportunities and Challenges for Stock Exchange With IT Innovation”, “Requirements of Banking Disaster Recovery By Taking Use of Cloud Computing Technology”, “How Does Virtualization Technology Ensure Data Security and Information Privacy”, “Applications and Prospective of Big Data and Cloud Computing in Hongkong Banking Industry” and so on.