OPSWAT Policy Patrol Technology Checks In At Radisson Edwardian Hotels

Duncan MacRae is former editor and now a contributor to TechWeekEurope. He previously edited Computer Business Review's print/digital magazines and CBR Online, as well as Arabian Computer News in the UAE.

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Policy Patrol by OPSWAT helps Radisson to centrally stamp every email with the necessary legal disclaimer and the Radisson ‘look’

Radisson Edwardian Group is a collection of 13 luxury hotels in central London, Heathrow and Manchester, aiming to provide luxury without pretension.

The design of each hotel draws upon its own individual heritage and location. All properties are united in offering guests a surprisingly cosmopolitan experience, with friendly, unpretentious service, luxurious bedrooms and facilities, cutting edge technology and outstanding food and drink.

Radisson_Edwardian_Hotel_HeathrowThe challenge

Radisson Hotels faced a two-fold challenge. Firstly, to comply with legal requirements, Radisson needed to ensure that no email was sent out without the company disclaimer. The UK Companies Act further requires all company emails to include the company registration number, place of registration and registered office address. Users were asked to add the disclaimer and company information to their Outlook signatures, but there was no way to know for sure whether the disclaimers were being added to every email, potentially leaving a legal loophole.

Secondly, Radisson wanted to create a consistent corporate ‘look’ for their outgoing emails, yet at the same time tailor the branding to each particular hotel. Each Radisson hotel has its own brand: The 5-star Radisson Mayfair Hotel exudes exclusivity, the Radisson Heathrow Hotel is an airport hotel that feels anything but, and the Radisson Hotel in Manchester boasts several awards including Tourism Awards’ Hotel of the Year award winner and Expedia Insiders’ Select. The challenge was to standardise yet also customise.

The solution

Bobby Abraham, group IT manager of Radisson Edwardian Hotels, was given the task to find a way to centrally stamp every email with the necessary legal disclaimer, and ensure that each email included the corporate email look tailored to each particular hotel. The best option, he says, was Policy Patrol by security software development tools specialist, OPSWAT.

Abraham says: “Policy Patrol was recommended to me and when I evaluated the product I was impressed with its ease of use. Policy Patrol closely integrates with our Exchange Server and Active Directory, allowing us to add email signatures and disclaimers from one central location.

“Since our Hotels each have their own Active Directory Group, it was easy to configure different email signatures for each hotel, yet still add one disclaimer for all Radisson emails. We also evaluated other products, but we found Policy Patrol to be the easiest to set up and administer. Since it is so easy to update email signatures in Policy Patrol, we now also use the program to announce news and events.

“For instance we included a banner about Radisson’s participation in Earth Hour, where we switched off or dimmed the lights in all of our Radisson Edwardian properties in support of a global initiative to show we care about climate change.”


Abraham says: “We have found Policy Patrol to be very rewarding. The product has had a dramatic impact on the standardisation of our email branding, helping us to further increase Radisson brand awareness and meet legal compliancy standards.”

The Radisson’s Legal Department can apparently rest easy with Policy Patrol, knowing that the required email disclaimer and company footer is being added to every email, complying with all the necessary regulations. The marketing department now has control over their email ‘branding’, and email is being utilised as a new marketing tool, using it to announce news and events.

Abraham adds: “Our support of the Earth Hour was welcomed by many, and quite a number of people commented on it after having seen the Earth Hour banner in our emails as well as on our website”. Finally, since the email signature and disclaimer are centrally managed, users are no longer burdened with the manual task of adding signatures and updating them.