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HP CEO Meg Whitman Set To Get Massive Payout If Fired

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HP boss Meg Whitman will also sit pretty if the company is ever acquired, new data from UBS finds

Meg Whitman is set to receive a whopping $91 million (£62m) if HP is ever acquired, and $51 million if she is forced to leave the company.

The figures comes courtesy of IBS analyst Steve Milunovich, who said that: “In considering CEO compensation relative to market cap, the heads of Nimble, 3D Systems, and HP are better paid while IBM’s Rometty is underpaid albeit following a couple difficult years.”

Compared to her peers, Meg Whitman has got a good deal. Apple CEO Tim Cook would get zilch in both situations, and IBM CEO Gini Rometty raking in nothing for an IBM acquisition and just $14.6 million if she is let go.

Here are the tables, courtesy of UBS via Business Insider:

Meg WhitmanMeg Whitman

Meg Whitman’s a winner

As you can see, Meg Whitman’s termination payout is over double that of second-place EMC’s Joseph Tucci, and makes a mockery of Gni Rometty’s $14 million. The case is the same for a potential acquisition scenario, with Tucci taking home a humble $39 million, and Rometty getting nothing.

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