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Lenovo Unveils Two New Budget SAN Arrays

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Lenovo’s S2200 and S3200 claim to provide near All-Flash-Array performance for up to 120,000 IOPS at a fraction of the cost of today’s Flash only systems

Lenovo has announced two SAN storage arrays today, the S2200 and the S3200.

The arrays use ‘Intelligent Real-Time Tiering’, which effectively moves the most-accessed bits of data to higher performing drives every five seconds, giving users a boost in access speed.

Kick start

The arrays are being touted at an affordable, entry-level price point, yet still claim to provide users with the ability to support demanding workload and kick start the move into flash storage.

lenovo“Today we are introducing a new Standard for SAN,” said Jay Parker, senior vice president at Lenovo’s Enterprise Business Group. “The new Lenovo S2200 and S3200 storage offerings highlight our extreme focus on affordable innovation. This further extends Lenovo’s ability to be your one-stop-shop from PCs to DCs.”

The storage arrays offer dual and single controllers in 2U-12 and 24 drive configurations. The S2200 supports up to 96 drives and the S3200 supports up to 192 drives to easily support storage growth. Both the S2200 and S3200 support Fibre Channel, iSCSI and SAS, with the S3200 supporting multi-protocol connectivity that can work with Fibre Channel and iSCSI at the same time.


  • Every S2200 and S3200 comes with Lenovo SAN Manager.
  • Data Tiering – automatically moves data between storage layers increasing overall storage performance
  • Thin Provisioning – helps customers purchase only the storage needed for operations,
  • SSD Read Caching – enables priority access to “hot” data  accelerating read performance
  • Rapid RAID Rebuild – minimises recovery time and risk factors with rapid data restoration
  • Snapshot – provides point-in-time copies of live data, eliminating the need for restore and performance hits
  • Storage Pooling – virtualises storage across multiple drive types improving IO by up to 2.5x without impacting applications

The Lenovo S2200 and S3200 SAN offerings will be available worldwide starting in June 2015.

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