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OnApp Explains Its Cloud Federation At Cloud World Forum

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OnApp claims the very fact that AWS is limited to its regions could hinder the company’s cloud plans

OnApp has told TechWeekEurope that it hopes to help providers take on the larger cloud players with its OnApp Federation, which will help smaller providers gain some momentum when competing against the likes of AWS and Microsoft.

OnApp helps cloud providers manage their content delivery networks and storage. Kosten Metreweli, the firm’s chief commercial officer, spoke to TechWeekEurope at Cloud World Forum to explain OnApp’s tactics to help the smaller providers play catch up.


Metreweli said: “The IaaS cloud market has become dominated by AWS. With Google and Microsoft and IBM bringing up the vanguard. That’s made it really hard for the traditional hosting industry to compete.

“One of the key things from an end-user perspective nowadays, when I access an application on my mobile phone, is that it works. It’s got to be performant, it’s got to be fast, but also issues like compliance and data privacy are things that are really important.

“It means that applications have to sit really close to the end user. And there’s where someone like Amazon comes in – they’ve got data centres globally which makes it easier to do that.”

But in the video below, Metreweli explains how OnApp’s Federation is in fact far better for providers to use over services that giants such as AWS and Microsoft provide.