HPE Launching Low-Cost, SMB-Friendly Hyperconverged System

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HPE Hyper Converged 250 is factory built solution that comes pre-integrated with either the Microsoft or VMware software stack and HPE hardware

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is launching a lower-cost hyper converged data centre server aimed at attracting SMBs.

The two-node Hyper Converged 250 is set to sail in early 2016, and will support both VMware and Microsoft software.


office workersWriting on a HPE blog post, Manoj Nair, vice president of CDI Converged Product Management, said that that product is to “simplify smaller and remote office IT”.

“The HPE Hyper Converged 250 delivers simplified management and allows you to consolidate hardware, storage and management into a single interface. Already use VMware vCenter?  Add the HC 250 into existing vCenter clusters and be able to manage from a central data center. If you prefer Microsoft System Center – you have that choice also to manage both virtual and physical resources in the solution,” wrote Nair.

Nair said that HPE will be releasing the product to meet demand from mid-size organisations and enterprise remote or branch offices to quickly respond to business changes.

“How can mid-sized companies and satellite offices support onsite IT specialists as well as control costs?,” he asks.

“In order to properly address these challenges, businesses need to deploy simplified small and remote office infrastructure solutions that drive down costs, reduce risks and improve efficiency. The HPE Hyper Converged 250 combines compute, storage and management in one virtualised appliance that delivers faster time-to-value to smaller and remote/branch office deployments,” said Nair.

Cost savings are another sellijng point of the HC 250, according to HPE. With a reduced footprint, customers can expect to see reduced site energy costs and downtime from overheating. One customer, not named by HPE, claimed they will see estimated total savings for just one of their remote offices of £160,000 in previously lost revenue due to overheating outages.

“On top of the cost savings, the customer was also able to ensure business continuity with multi-site disaster recovery and replication functionality, increase IT productivity and allow more time for infrastructure design and build. The solution promotes higher employee and customer satisfaction thanks to improved system reliability and responsiveness,” said Nair.

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