VSPEX BLUE Hyper-Converged Appliance Simplifies Your IT Infrastructure

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Advertorial: EMC brings simplicity with EVO:RAIL powered scale-out infrastructure appliance

Time – we all need more of it. Businesses, customers and consumers know that the information they need is right at their fingertips, accessible in seconds. We’re in the cloud age. The on-demand age. The age of now, when you want it, when you ask for it.

EMC’s recently announced VSPEX BLUE hyper-converged infrastructure appliance delivers that speed right to the user. The company says that the VSPEX BLUE appliance enables everything a business needs in compute, memory, storage, and management, all powered by VMware EVO:RAIL and EMC software. The hyper-converged VSPEX BLUE appliance enables users to go from power up to provisioning virtual machines in just 15 minutes, says EMC.

Speed - Olivier Le MoalSpeed – VSPEX BLUE further promises to redefine infrastructure consolidation, virtual desktops, applications, hybrid cloud and remote office. It’s a standalone, small hyper-converged infrastructure appliance that simplifies deployment, security and massive scale out.

“The VSPEX BLUE appliance represents a strategic addition to EMC’s existing highly successful converged infrastructure portfolio,” says Gil Shneorson, vice president of VSPEX at EMC.

“EMC’s VSPEX BLUE appliance is delivered exclusively by our partners, and offers customers IT simplicity and agility backed by EMC’s award-winning global support organization, with built-in differentiation such as the VSPEX BLUE Manager, Market and EMC Secure Remote Support that will dramatically simplify how IT is deployed and managed.”

Ease of use

Converged infrastructure hardware has to be easy to use, and it seems EMC’s new product perfectly fits that criteria. The appliance includes a value-added market place, just like an app store, with a range of solutions available to download such as recovery tools or data backup tools.

The ‘Market’ provides customer access to trusted solutions and technologies that are developed by EMC and technology partners that are already validated for the VSPEX BLUE appliance and then made available to download. In this regard, VSPEX BLUE can save users time by taking out the need for planning and testing new hardware every time demand changes.


The machine itself comes with a 2U four-node configuration, with each node working off twin 12-core Intel Xeon E5-2620 v2 processors. The Standard Edition comes packed with 128GB of memory, with the Performance Edition featuring 192GB of memory. It’s also loaded with 400GB of SAS SSD storage, and three 1.2TB 10K RPM SAS hard drives.

“A product like EMC’s VSPEX BLUE appliance helps address many of the challenges that Enterprise IT is facing by combining storage, with compute and network resources into a single hyper-converged infrastructure appliance,” says Shannon Poulin, vice president at Intel’s data centre group. “It delivers a solution that minimizes the latency and also makes it easier to install quickly and scale performance to address real-time workloads.”

Software-defined building block

Users can think of the VSPEX BLUE as an integral building block for their infrastructure, a building block which is fully integrated and automated. A building block which accelerates a customer’s time to value for IT investments and is a low risk path to the software-defined data centre.

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