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CloudFlare Suffers Major European Outage

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Telia outage takes down CloudFlare – Internet users complain Slack, Reddit and other sites unavailable

Hosting provider CloudFlare is experiencing outages across Europe this afternoon, with some Internet users reporting problems accessing sites from its customers such as Reddit, Slack, and Medium.

“CloudFlare is observing network performance issues in some European locations. We are actively working to reduce or eliminate any impact to Internet users in this region,” read the company’s status page today, stating problems started at 13:26 BST.

The problems stemmed from issues with Telia Carrier, a network infrastructure and services provider that runs underwater cables linking Internet services around the world.

Network Performance Issues


Some users have taken to Twitter to vent their outage anger, claiming they are also having problems accessing sites like Medium, Intercom, and Slack.

cloudflare2TechWeekEurope has contacted CloudFlare for more information, and will update this article if we receive a response.

“Either every site using CloudFlare Ive been to the last 10 minutes are having issues, or CloudFlare is,” wrote Twitter user Fredrik Mohn.

“I have MAJOR problems with , and . The whole Internet just ground to a halt. Eagerly waiting for a report,” tweeted user Joonas.


Amazon Web Services just its service status page, claiming some of its customers would have experienced connectivity issues in its EU West region.

“6:12 AM PDT We are investigating an issue with an external provider outside of our network, which may be impacting Internet connectivity between some customer networks and the EU-WEST-1 Region. Connectivity to instances and services within the Region is not impacted by the event,” AWS said.

Amazon has now updated customers on the situation, claiming the issue has now been solved.

“Between 5:10 AM and 6:01 AM PDT an external provider outside of our network experienced an issue which impacted Internet connectivity between some customer networks and the EU-WEST-1 Region. Connectivity to instances and services within the Region was not impacted by the event. The issue is resolved and the service is working normally.”

CloudFlare has also now updated its service status, claiming the issue has now been identified.

“We have identified an issue with an upstream transit provider and are currently working to mitigate the impact of this now,” the company said.

At 14:43 BST, CloudFlare said: “A fix has been implemented and we are monitoring the results.”

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