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Amazon Web Services Diary: AWS Spreads Its Wings With Call Centre Service

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UPDATED: AWS launches AI-powered Amazon Connect to move into call centres

Amazon Web Services (AWS) , the cloud computing division of, is the largest out of all the public cloud providers, dominating with a $10 billion annual run rate. The division, headed up by AWS CEO Andy Jassy, is investing heavily in expanding its global regions – with new data centres recently opening in Sweden, London and Canada – and the Internet of Things.

Here’s the latest news on the public cloud provider:

June 2017: AWS expands into call centres with Amazon Connect

AWS has spread its wings with the launch of a cloud-based call centre service called Amazon Connect which uses speech recognition and artificial intelligence (AI) software to manage calls.

It incorporates Amazon’s Lex AI technology to enable natural language processing in the cloud, meaning businesses can improve the customer experience while avoiding having to fork out up-front costs through a pay-as-you-go pricing structure.

Amazon Connect works with both existing AWS services and third-party CRM and analytics services and will also be integrated with Salesforce’ Service Cloud Einstein.

November 2016: Amazon Linux Container Image made available for cloud and on-premise use 

amazon-linux-container-imageAWS has released a container image of its Amazon Linux operating system for use in on-premise data centres as well as the on its cloud infrastructure. 

Built from the same source code and packages as the Linux Amazon Machine Image, designed to deploy virtual machines on the Amazon EC2 cloud, the  Amazon Linux Container Image can be used as it is or as the foundations of custom images. 

October 2016: AWS gets server migration service

aws-migrationAWS wants to make it easier to move existing virtualised applications to Amazon EC2 without prolonged maintenance periods.

The company claims firms can automate, schedule and track incremental replication of live virtual machines (VMs), simplifying the process of moving large scale operations.

After opting between Linux and Windows Servers, admins can select the replication frequency most suited to the avaible network and track the status of each replication on the console.

It is available now in AWS US East, EU (Ieland) and Asia Pacific regions and there is no charge for the service.

October 2016: Former rivals VMware and AWS become cloud partners

vmwareVMware Cloud services will be soon be available on Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure, confirming rumours that the former bitter rivals would be joining forces.

The partners hope to target businesses running on-premise virtualisation but keen to harness the advantages of the public cloud.

By combining existing investments in virtualisation, tools and training with the feature set, regular updates and scalability of the AWS, VMware hopes to make its services more appealing.

For its part, Amazon gets access to VMware’s significant enterprise customer base and thus help them compete in what has become a very competitive market between some of the largest technology companies in the world.

September 2016: AWS to open data centres in France in 2017

Amazon Web Services (AWS) will open a region in Paris next year, allowing French customers to run applications and store data in the country.

The region will become AWS’ fourth in Europe, after existing regions in Frankfurt and Ireland, and theplanned opening of a UK region, expected to be before February.

A cloud region within France will help customers work faster with Amazon and keep customer data within French borders, helping navigate any data residency issues.

No further information about the location has been disclosed about the location beyond the fact it will be located in the suburbs of the French capital.

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