Data Centre Firm Interxion Leaks Customer Data

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The security breach enabled unauthorised access to Interxion’s customer and prospect contact details

European-based data centre specialist, Interxion, has admitted that the contact information of thousands of customers has been compromised.

The data breach concerns the company’s CRM system, with no financial details exposed, said Interxion.

Despite protection

In an email sent to customers, the company said: “Despite the multiple levels of protection in place, in December Interxion became aware that it had suffered a breach in our IT security.

“The result of this was a temporary and localised compromise of the credentials to our CRM system, which resulted in the unauthorised access to some customer and prospect contact details.

we love customers“The business contact information that was accessed consisted of names, job titles, and (business) contact details such as (business) email addresses and phone numbers.

“No financial or other sensitive customer data was accessed, or is stored within this system. We emphasise that this incident only affected Interxion’s CRM system and did not impact or involve any of the data centres or services that Interxion provides.”

No actions are required by customers and prospects regarding this incident, it added.

Luke Jennings, researcher at advanced persistent threat detection service, Countercept, said the data breach highlights that even large organisations, for which security is a top priority, are still being compromised.

He explained: “Attack detection has become increasingly important as people are beginning to realise that no company can prevent every compromise and so it is imperative that they are able to detect and respond to them when they occur.

“In this case, customers of Interxion should also be concerned about potential targeted phishing attacks purporting to be from Interxion as someone out there now clearly knows a lot about them.”

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